Strategies to Write SEO Content for Optimizing Website

Content is the textual information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience and sometime for the search Engine for website performance.  Every content may not be attractive to end users and search engine spiders for ranking purpose. So there is the need to write quality SEO content.  SEO content is any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic in an efficient way. SEO content writing takes a lot of dedication and talent.

SEO content writing refers to way of writing blogs and web contents to achieve high Google rankings and get organic traffic to the website. Quality SEO content is beneficial for both search engine and End user. For ideal results, the quality content that you create should be appealing to your readers and at the same time it should be friendly to search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.  The aim of SEO content writing is to provide relevant information related to the subject of your web page to the search engine and end users.


Let’s discuss what should be qualities SEO Content have…


  • Not Only for Search Engine:

    SEO should content be written for both user and search engine but not for only one of them. If a content written for only search engine and it drives traffic to the website but unreadable and ineffective content for users can increase the bounce rate of the website and this will impact badly on search engine. So, Readable SEO content can have more recommendations, more social media shares and even back links and as a result your content is ranked high.


  • Avoid Plagiarism:

    Plagiarism is the way of wrongful appropriation and stealing and publication of another person or website content and the representation of the content as one’s own original work. Search engine hates plagiarism and influence the ranking of the website which uses the plagiarism content.


  • Prevent Keyword Stuffing:

    Keyword stuffing is the technique of loading a webpage or website with number of keywords in many time in order to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Google hates keywords stuffing and it should be advisable to use nearly 2% keywords’ frequency in your quality content.


  • Allow Internal Linking:

    Internal linking is the way of using proper anchor text to the content so that the user can be easily visits the other pages too without leaving the website. It is the way of engaging the user within the website. Internal linking helps you in both encouraging users to read deeper on your website and increasing your website ranking.


  • Include Call-to-Action:

    The direct or indirect of aim of the quality content is to convert your website visitor into the customers. You should include a call to action that asks people to buy the products or services that you are talking about in your content to achieve your targeted goal.


  • Use Readable Languages and Terms:

    Use of more technical terms and information which is not understandable by the end users should be avoided. Content written in easy language is likely to attract a wider audience. Use of more difficult and technical words may be difficult for common people to understand, and force people to stop reading the content midway and increase the bounce rate.

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