“Make stuff people want. —Paul Graham”


The purpose of the system is to make a digital platform for Rindex Resort customers so that they can do various activities like check-in, request service, order food, etc. through the app. On the other hand, the staff could also easily manage the request raised by the customer of their app.

Riziliant Company
Riziliant Company


Glii is a location based social networking mobile app crafted by “Vamcom Digital Private Limited ” and designed with keeping in consideration with the preferences of varied audiences and communities whether LGBT+ or straight.

At Glii we understand the communities and believe in equality & freedom (and of course fun) for all. Glii represents a modern LGBTQ+ lifestyle and not just any other dating app.

Glii is also enabled with Artificial Intelligence in the areas of Safety and to keep one engaged on the app and get much better results. It’s a perfect platform with the most unique and fun-loving offerings right from getting you a perfect match for a date or finding casual companions, to organizing an outstanding meal at your friendly spot for you.

Riziliant Company
Riziliant Company


We, the Riziliant Technologies app development team developed the PERFECT9 application. The PERFECT9 is a Home Salon and Beauty services provider in India that provides salon and beauty services without compromising quality. You can check the services details, prices, also check the status of your appointment. Just download the application, place a booking and get all beauty services at your doorstep. Riziliant Technologies focuses on empowering business on both ends by providing customers with quality service at affordable prices.

Riziliant Company
Riziliant Company


Respite is the online shopping app for buy bathroom fittings, taps, faucets etc. This is an online shopping app, was made keeping in mind that users can order anything in just a few taps. With an amazing UI and easy filtering options. Our team made sure that the client’s requirements are met and we give them a product that they have envisioned. Online Shop also features in-app notifications and supports all major payment methods. Riziliant Technologies provides complete solutions for both small and mid-business. Looking for an App development agency that suits your budget call now.

Riziliant Company
Riziliant Company


Styletech Designs was launched to house some International Piping and drainage brands to cater to Indian Clients and make them familiar with technically sound and perfect solutions for their plumbing requirement. VSH, Henco, MCH Chudej are few names.
Basically, Styletech Designs is having a complete Plumbing Products Range. RENOFAST is a wing of Styletech Designs where we provide the complete renovation solutions for Bathroom, Kitchens, Gardens and any area of the house which require transformation.

Riziliant Company
Riziliant Company

The Bajrang Trasport App

Bajrang Transport is a well-known brand in the leading transport goods and products which was established in 2001. We have a very strong base as our company has been operating for over 20 years but we have registered in 2017. We all need to be with you. We are the largest and successful logistics and transport chain.

Bajrang Transport is an online goods transport agency offering on-demand transportation solutions to provide to all your goods shifts in both full load and part load capacity. We aim to provide quality service at a competitive price and back up every shipment with the latest technology and excellent customer service.

The Bunker Restaurant

It’s all about the food. Get the best food at your fingertips. Find your favourite food and enjoy feasting with a lucrative Food Ordering App. Get delivering option on a variety of appetizing dishes.



We at FIT KULTURE™ are a group of sports enthusiasts and fitness experts, who are very passionate about our work and bring strength & fitness to the minds and lives of people.

We enable our clients to achieve their fitness goals! We partner with health & fitness experts who are trained and certified professionals to provide best-in-class wellness services.

We design, setup and operate fitness centres for commercial, corporate and domestic uses. We arrange the best and ergonomically designed equipment and the best training programs.


Chaiops is entering the food and beverage industry with an aim to keep the authentic taste of ‘Chai’ or ‘Tea’ alive. We have focused on maintaining the original taste of tea while infusing different flavours to keep people glued to our ancestral beverage. We at Chaiops are coming with an idea to let every tea lover throughout the nation taste our tea type. With this beverage serving concept, we want to take people to the retro world of ‘Guram Chai Ki Pyali’ serving the best-brewed tea with a line of lip-smacking beverages to enhance your tea time experience with us.


Der Schutzenstube GSA

Ein Inhaltsstoff ist eine Substanz, die Teil eines Gemisches ist. Zum Beispiel legen Rezepte beim Kochen fest, aus welchen Zutaten ein bestimmtes Gericht zubereitet wird.

Vamcom Digital

Vamcom Digital’s Pvt Ltd. flagship brand is India’s upcoming finest dating mobile platform – inspired and driven by a commitment to the great consumer experience.

Vamcom is enabled with Artificial Intelligence in the areas of Safety and to keep one engaged on the app and get much better results. It’s a perfect platform with the most unique and fun-loving offerings right from getting you a perfect match for a date or finding companions, to organizing an outstanding meal at your friendly spot for you.


Mingle Time

Riziliant Technologies has successfully developed apps in different business genres, one of which is a dating app. Mingle time one such dating application which is made for people who want to connect with other people.

Amazon Assets Management

Amazon Assets Management is a team of advisers that functions on the basis of trust, transparency and expertise. As a digital marketplace with an exhaustive range of property listings, we all know it’s easy to urge lost.


Ply News

Ply News online marketplace for plywood & laminate manufacturers in India’s market. Our team developed an incredible expense management app that might simply manage all personal expenses and finances by itself. Search functionality was created intuitively to modify it to come to the correct results. Share your ideas with us to get the best mobile app development services for the both platform of iOS and Android.

Casa Panorama

There are people who come to the Marches to find the genuine “real” Italy, without mass tourism, in a landscape comparable to that of Tuscany and with inhabitants full of curiosity and unobtrusive amiability.


Booking Taxi

Our taxi booking app is one of the best taxi booking apps with a simple user interface. You can book a taxi or a cab at a single place. It is the simplest and fastest taxi booking app.