ways to improve customer retention time

Ways to Improve Customer Retention Time | Boost Retention Rate on Website

If you are tired of looking for new clients all the time? Life is going to be so much easier when you make your extant clients/customers so happy. It is more beneficial to hold onto extant customers than it is to find new ones all the time. In a new website, there are more chances for improvement in On-Site, Off-Site SEO, Ranking Conversion Rate through and digital marketing. You know very well moreover, the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 72%, while the profitability of selling products to a new one is as low as 6%.

After all the sounds are good – who doesn’t want to save money like this?

Everyone knows that website redesign takes time and making your website attractive is the most valuable task. Today in this blog we will look at the importance of SEO to improve the retention time in the website after the redesign.

If you haven’t taken the right steps to make the new website work smoothly, you can damage the SEO equity and the good SEO results it earns, for which you have worked for years.

In this blog, let’s take a look at customer retention strategies that will boost your eCommerce sales. So that you can improve your SEO results as well as customer retention time and improve your search engine ranking and traffic.

How to calculate customer retention rate/time?

You can calculate customer retention time with this formula easily-

Retention Rate= [{(Customers at End of Period – Customers Acquired During Period) / Customers at Start of Period}]*100

For Example: If you are a brand that sells Box and starts off with 40 customers and acquires 15 new customers in 4 months and 5 customer churns. This is how to measure the customer retention rate for your brand.

Customer Retention Rate= {(45 – 15) / 40)} x 100 = 75% retention.

What is a good customer retention time?

The excellent customer retention time is definitely 100%. In this scenario, all the customers that you receive are retained. It also indicates that you have met all the needs of your customers well enough that you are attaching yourself to your brand.

Benefits of customer retention rate.

More retention time means more customers, and more customers mean more website popularity. According to Google’s algorithm, if your website gets more visitors daily on Google, then that website is a good website.

  • Did you know that about 20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales?
  • People who buy goods over and over again tend to spend more and do larger transactions.
  • If your quality is good then customers refer more people which brings more business.

How can you increase the retention time on a website?

You know that your customer is only one of the best sources to get good results. There are many methods to boost the customer retention time on a website. Let’s grab some of these important factors to increase customer retention time.

1.    Start a loyalty program

Most customers have always wanted a loyalty program. If a brand offers a loyalty program that it has a 70% chance of increasing customer retention time.

Many start-ups and small businesses and e-commerce stores offer loyalty programs that reward customers for repeat purchases.

For e.g., if a customer purchases 4 different types of products. You can give them a small amount of discount on their next purchase of any products. Otherwise, you can offer them free shipping after a customer has used enough points on your loyalty program or you might offer store credit. These strategies can make customers feel good about your

2.    Build Relationship

You have probably heard the saying that building good relationships with your customers is very important in 2022.

At least in the world of eCommerce – more people want to do marketing instead. Plus, they’ll want to build a good relationship with you. And it can take time for you to build relationships with customers.

3.    Exceptional customer support

Customers boycott when they are not getting better support, are poorly treated and when their problems are not solved on time.

Studies say that 53% of customers have left there due to bad customer support and services. The only way to prevent customer retention time is to provide exceptional customer service.

4.    Better website design

Businesses cannot survive without a better web presence. If your website provides a better user experience, then this is the most important factor in increasing customer retention.

Everything is important when it comes to consumer experience, from visualization to UX and everything can have a significant impact on your bottom line. You have to improve the design of the website to maintain user retention.

5.    Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are clickable messages sent in real-time by a website to its customers. Due to their multi-channel approach, notifications are pushed to desktop, mobile and tabs, thus reaching all users.

This is a permission-based service, which means that your users must opt-in for updates when they visit a website.

6.    Provide tutorial

One of the best ways to retain your customers is by providing them with the knowledge that can improve their lives and their businesses.

You need to provide them with as much knowledge as possible about your services. It includes tutorials and guides with useful strategies and tips.

7.    Take visitors to another page/product.

We all know that a good blog is the right way to promote conversation. When you create an article that is full of value, it builds your credibility as a brand and encourages consumers to seek more from you.

At the end

We have discussed the best strategies for boosting retention time on the website. If you have any queries related to this please revert. If you have any requirements related to website development, app development, web designing services, SEO services, social media marketing services you can contact us. We will help to increase your website retention time.

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