Why eCommerce Business Need An App? 5 Benefits of a mobile app for eCommerce

If you have an online eCommerce store then you will need an e-commerce mobile app that will improve the user experience. A basic asset of any e-commerce business is usually identified as a highly customized and well-designed online eCommerce store? Retailers still doubt whether they need to create a mobile application for an eCommerce store that will copy their existing website. 

The mobile revolution is creating a new environment in businesses and eCommerce stores. An eCommerce mobile app for your business is providing a better experience and explains how online shopping is done.

Thanks to modern technology, mobile applications are turning into an irreplaceable part of every business to reach more audiences. The mobile app has changed the way retailers connect with their customers.

All around the world, a mobile app for eCommerce development is basically being driven by customers using devices to purchase goods and services. According to e-market estimates, retail eCommerce sales and smartphone users touched approx 3.5 trillion in 2020. And in 2021, eCommerce will touch 3.8 trillion.

smartphone users in 2021

The mobile app for the eCommerce portal is obtaining fame over time, and some retailers are still uninformed of its immense power. They are still competing with marketing strategies to make recognition and popularity of their e-commerce stores.

What are the 5 main advantages of eCommerce mobile app?

However, they should definitely do or not. In this blog, we will tell you what is the benefits of an eCommerce app. Let’s grab and know why is the mobile eCommerce app is useful for your online business?

eCommerce Mobile App Brings Loyal Customers

The best benefit of a mobile application for the eCommerce business is its capability to build brand loyalty. According to data provided by Adobe, 69% of online shoppers, who use their mobile devices to make purchases, prefer applications offered by their favourite companies.

Therefore, mobile solutions strengthen the relationship between online stores and customers. How to encourage folks to download and install your e-com application? Just give them special offers or limited discounts to set up your application.

Mobile Apps Are Faster Than Website

The mobile application is usually 2 to 3 times faster than mobile websites also works much faster too.

If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, make sure 40% of visitors will go to another site. The point is that this is one of the aspects where mobile applications have a large advantage over websites, even though they are responsive. 

It is not about online mobile websites if apps take too much time for its loading the users tend to remove the app from their mobile without hesitating.

The other main reason is that the website uses JavaScript to run functions and apps run on frameworks that make it five to six times faster than the website.

The data store locally on your device for every mobile application which retrieval happens instantly. For mobile sites data needs to be fetched from the web servers which can take few minutes also depends upon the network speed and packet sizes.

Instant Conversion via Push Notifications 

Push notifications get customers back to the store with a 90% open rate and a 40% Click-through Rate.

A strong eCommerce mobile applications always have a Push Notification System to get in touch with smartphone users and also notifying them on discounts including loyalty programs, new products information etc.

Compared to regular SMS, push notifications are a much cheaper promotional channel. Also, push notifications have no spam folder and they are hard to ignore.

App notifications receive when a user opens the app on their smartphone. Push notifications receive on devices regardless of whether the user opens the app or not. Basically, updates and promotional notifications received on a daily basis on your device are push notifications.

Uses of Application More Than Sites

The Flurry Analytics states say more than 90% of users spend the time of communication with their mobile device in-app. Thus we can say that the apps are more popular than the websites.

Improves the Visibility of Your Brand

We can say that in a competitive world, mobile applications are the best choice for e-commerce stores to increase the visibility of your brand and products.

In fact, it works as an advertising board. If you have an e-commerce mobile app with great design and features, nothing can raise awareness of your brand.

E-commerce mobile apps have the capability to perform many functions such as audio and video, news feeds, instant chat and many more. In short, the mobile app works as a direct channel that gives the user all the information want.

Are you ready to connect with your customers and take advantage of the e-commerce mobile app revolution? Discuss with us on +918447629206 how a mobile app can increase your business.

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