Important HTML Tags for Best On-Page SEO Practices

After creating a proper website for a particular business, it is necessary to make it searchable in a Search engine or you can say the next step is to implement best SEO practices.

As we know, the main part of the webpage is the head section and body section i.e. <Head> and <Body> part. Of the webpage.  The content in the body section of the website is visible to the user and the Header section of the website is not directly visible to the user except Title, in general.

Apart from the content in the body section, Tags in the head section are also considered in making a website Search engine friendly. For making a website search engine friendly, you have to make certain important SEO changes on your own or you can hire the best SEO services.

What Are HTML Tags for SEO?

Tags or meta Tags or Html Tags are the small snippets of HTML coding that tell engines how to properly “read”, “Analyze” and “Work” on your website content or website.

When a search engine crawls your website, it takes a looks at the Html tags of the site and the information attains from the tags helps search engines like Google determine what your content is about, how to categorize the material and many more things related to it.

The same is applicable to the user experience and social media experience of the website.

Finally, “How your website performs on the Internet?” is explained by the HTML tags. In On-Page SEO practices, Let us discuss some important tags in a WebPages apart from Title, Description and Keyword tags.

Canonical Tags:

A website may be accessible in a variety of ways. For instance, all of these can link to the same site:


So, it is necessary to tell the search engine about the main URL or Canonical URL on which we are focusing on the concerned webpage. Thus, a canonical URL is the URL of the page that Google thinks is most representative of a set of duplicate pages on your site.

The Canonical Tag is defined as:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

Canonical TagThis tells Google that “” is the URL on which you’re focusing. This Tag is placed anywhere between <Head> and </Head>

Note: If we don’t explicitly tell Google which URL is canonical, Google will make the choice for you, or might consider them both of equal weight, which might lead to unwanted behaviour and may lead to content duplication and thus degrade the website ranking and performance.

Robots Tag:

The Robots tags are useful when you want to stop the search engine crawler from not to index or follow any of the links to a particular webpage. The use of Robots tag can stop crawlers from sites like Google from accessing the content. In general, the Robot tag is written as:

<meta name =”robots” content=”index, follow” />

This tells the search engine to index this webpage and follow all links to the WebPages.

And If we use this tag in the following way:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>

Meta Robots TagIn this case, Google will not index the content nor follow any of the links to the webpage.

Responsive Site Meta Tag:

After designing a website, also requires to focus attention on responsive and mobile designs. Mobile-friendly is also considered as a ranking factor.

In some content management systems like WordPress atomically promote a responsive design otherwise you need to put a responsive site meta tag to the head section of the website.

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>

Apart from all of the above tags, there are other important HTML meta tags which we will discuss later. These meta tags can be implemented by the individual having the basic knowledge of website and HTML. But Be Careful while implanting these tags, otherwise it may negatively affect your website.

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