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SEO Risks & Ways to Avoid Common SEO Risks

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best practices of digital marketing services to achieve ranking, business branding and enhancing business as well. Now-a- days, it is a low cost and effective tool for online marketing.

Sometimes, many business people or SEO services provider has to a hard time in seeing the value of their SEO, even after implementing the SEO practices.  This is due to ignoring some SEO related risks while implementing their strategies.

So, Search engine optimization requires risk management strategies like any other business initiative for improving performance.

While we are dealing with search engine optimization, we must be aware of every SEO risks which are looks like a simple error, these SEO errors or SEO risks can impacts negatively to your website. An effective SEO strategy along with SEO risks management will assuredly help to achieve the desired result within months.

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We are here listing some of the common SEO risks which should be considered while providing affordable SEO services to the business respectively.

  • Avoiding the Poor doorway pages

Doorway pages are low-quality web pages (entire website) optimized for special keywords that are created for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. These doorway pages are having little value to the visitors but having high value in boosting SEO rankings. Doorway pages are considered in Black hat SEO practices.  We should always try to avoid using the doorway pages because Google greatly dislikes them and penalizes sites that use them in boosting their performance in search engine.

  • Avoiding Neutral Backlinks 

Backlinks are the links that come from an external URL to your website. These are critical SEO component and considered as the backbone of SEO practices.

A quality backlink helps you in building authority and boosting the website.  A backlink from an authoritative website passes more link juice or rank juice.

And poor backlinks pass little link juice and sometime may be harmful if the link coming from a site which is participated in schemes that Google devalues or panelized. So it is advisable to avoid using negative backlinks or poor backlinks.

  • Avoid Deleting Content or Entire Page

Deleting content from your web page or pages may affect negatively your website performance. Once you have deleted a page from the website, the ranking of the related keywords also gone and this may lead to an increase in the bounce rate of the website.

If deletion of the webpage is required on an urgent basis, you should have the proper redirection of the deleted ranking page say it should be 301 redirects.

  • Making Frequently Small Changes to Website 

Making changes to your website content is a good signal to the search engine. However, making too many changes frequently can impact negatively the search engine and can hurt the performance of your website rather than improving it.

Frequently small changes to the website lead to a red flag to search engine which may consider the website as suspicious because of the constant changes to the website.

By fixing various Technical SEO Risks, you can achieve the unimaginable success of your website performance and business as well.

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