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21 Website Rank Finding Tool: Easy Way To Check Keyword Ranking

If You want to check where Your keywords are Ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

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The main reason to write this post is. I want to suggest you a few and easy tips to track/check your keywords ranking on google/bing by using some tools.


Most people want to know how much traffic drives on your website and how much keywords rank on google first page. Being the number one website on Google, it’s no surprise we all maintain over our rankings.


What is Keyword ‘Ranking Position’ on Google?

Google displays these matches as search results which are only lists of web pages in order of relevance. Therefore, the first organic result is the web page that Google considers to be most relevant to your search, and so on


If a web page first appears in a list of results, it is asked to rank first, or in position for that specific keyword.


Before we start looking at the Keyword Rank Finder tool, it is important that you know what your goal is. What kind of tool do you want to find?


First of all, I want to ask people on which page of Google you want to rank.

And why?


What do I mean, which search terms do you want to rank for? What are your categories? What is your target country?


Before buying any device you need to make sure that how can you use it correctly? Or you will waste your time or you are not wasting your time. Read the complete post carefully………….


There are some different types of keywords and it is best that you know the difference so that you get a more accurate picture of where you rank on Google.


You should keep a close watch on your branded keywords and where you rank in the search engines. Of course, it may not be important to you, but it really is. 


“If your business is online and you do not get a high ranking on Google and any other search engine on some type of keywords, it is a sign that something may be going wrong with your website”. 


It may be a technical issue that you are not getting higher visibility on Google which is why it is necessary to track your branded keywords.


This can happen a lot with a brand new website as they normally take time to get listed on Google, but if your website has been live for a few months and you are still not showing up for your branded keywords, there may be a technical problem. 

How to check Keywords ranking on Google?

Now you have a better idea of ​​which keywords you want to target, you need to find out where your keywords are ranking on the search engines.


Here we go the best method to find the rank on the search engine.

Search Website Rank Manually on Google

The most common way to check your ranking is to go to Google and type in your keywords and look at the first few pages to see if you can find your website.


However, this is not the best way to find the website rank on search engines. Searching from your own computer will show incorrect results. 


Your browser will remember the websites (Because Browser Takes the Cache & Cookies) you already own and can show a different set of results to your potential customers. 


If you want to find the exact keyword rank (Bonus Tool: Incognito) then you should go to the “Private Tab” on the browser.

Check the Keyword Rank on Google

It is very time consuming if you have more than 10 keywords that you want to check and you will have to search manually every time, it will take you a very long time.

Pros: free and easy

Cons: It will take longer to find more keywords.

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Accurate Website Position Checker Tools: (Free & Paid)

If you want to check the rank easily so you can use SEO Tools. These rank finding tools are paid or free in some cases.

  1. Google Search Console
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ahrefs
  4. KWFinder
  5. Ubersuggest
  6. Answer The Public
  7. SpyFu
  8. Woorank
  9. Majestic
  10. Google Trends
  11. SEOQuake
  12. Keywords Everywhere
  13. Screaming Frog
  14. CORA: Advanced SEO Tools
  15. Serpstat
  16. SEO Edge
  17. Chrome Extension Fat Rank
  18. AccuRanker
  19. SERPWatcher
  20. SERP Bot
  21. MOZ


In this topic, we have given the essential tips to check the keyword rank on SERP or other search engines. If you have any query related to this so you can send a note to us. We are always with you to help you out.

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